Dj Sherpa

Sherpa Jorge is a Portuguese electronic dance music producer and DJ known by his professional stage name “SHERPA”.
He has been in the electronic dance music scenesince the 90s where he was 15 at the time. 1992 was the year he launched his first major dance music festival in his very homeland, Porto. Until today, Sherpa as performed and held residency as a Music Director and DJ at many clubs across the globe.
For the last two decades, Sherpa has toured from the North to the South and performed in major clubs and dance festivals all over Europe, Asia and in Africa.
He was awarded with the title “Revelation DJ” for theOptimus alive festival in 2010”, which is one of the biggest festivals in Europe (and the largest in Portugal). The mega event “The 7 Wonders Of Portugal” is also part of this DJ’s background. In 2012, Sherpa was appointed as the Official Optimus Tag DJ and the Official Music Director of Purple Vodka.
The following year, Sherpa took up the role as a Music Director and DJ at Singapore’s famous hotspot- Fashiontv club Singapore. And in 2015, the Music Director of Fashiontv Babyface in Shanghai.
Sherpa is currently based in Singapore. Being an international DJ and producer, he is constantly in search for new sounds to bring out the best party vibes and experience for his crowd and die-hard fans.


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